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We are experts in programming, flashing, or cloning any BMW DME, TCM, ELV, FRM, and EWS. Every module is programmed to your keys and VIN. Give us a call or find your BMW in the car picker below!

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Mail in automotive electronic repair services

The ECU Pro offers an affordable mail-in repair service for automotive electronics. To have your unit repaired, simply remove the part and mail it to us. Our professional team will either test, repair, or clone your unit.

Our team has over 30 years experience in automotive electronic repairs. We specialize in German vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes and Mini. Our main focus is engine control unit repairs ( ECU, PCM or DME). Our state of the art facility has over 30 test vehicles to ensure that all parts are tested in actual vehicles before being returned to our clients.
Most of the services we provide is plug and play and doesn’t require any additional coding.

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I shipped my footwell module , was repaired/return to me and i install it; works like it should . Shipping duration was 4-5 days however it could have been faster. I would def. recommend them and comes with lifetime warranty . Customer service thru message promptly. A+++
Great Communication. Fast turn around like listing says. Great Seller Highly Recommend his service.
Shipper was extremely pleasant, and something you hardly get, very good communication. fast shipping and everything works . I highly recommend this business!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Remove your FRM from your vehicle.
  2. Mail us your part. We do not provide a part collection service.
  3. We will recommend either a replacement or repair service.
  4. Once we have repaired your part, you can fit it back into the vehicle. All our repair and clone services are 100% plug-and-play, and no additional services will be coding will be required.
The Footwell Module (FRM) is the master control module for all exterior lighting functions. All exterior light systems (headlights and side/parklights) are switched on and off via the light switch. Information to turn the lights on or off is supplied from the light switch directly to the FRM.
Yes, an FRM can be repaired. First, a diagnostic check must be done on the damaged FRM to assess its repairability. If possible, an FRM can be repaired and restored. Alternatively, a replacement FRM can be installed.

An OEM BMW FRM repair can cost up to $1300 at a BMW dealer. Typically the part is around $800, and the labor and programming are around $400. The ECU Pro offers a $250.00 repair, with a refurbished replacement costing $499 – All plug and play that doesn’t require any additional programming.

An FRM diagnostic test will need to be run on your existing unit to see if a repair can be done, or whether a replacement is needed. About 80% of these units are repairable. If there is water damage or extensive physical damage, you will need a replacement unit.